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See how life can be with these Michigan lake home photos.

Lake Chapin Shores is too beautiful—too much fun–to keep to ourselves. We invite you to browse these Michigan lake home photos and videos to get a sample of all that awaits you here at this extraordinary vacation home community on 600-acre Lake Chapin. If you’re tempted to find out how your family can share the excitement of owning one of our amazing, year-round cottages on a lake just 90 minutes from Chicago, contact us or call at 630-334-1142 to arrange a showing of the entire community.

Here are the Top 3 Reasons to be part of a Southwest Michigan lake home community and take your very own Michigan lake home photos:

  1. Maintain home value. In a community, there are guidelines to make sure your neighbors keep up their home’s maintenance and curb appeal. In a community, there’s no one parking their old cars or motor homes in their front yard, piling up junk on the side of their house or building a shed out of scrap lumber. Community rules ensure that all homes are kept up, thereby maintaining the value of the surrounding homes.
  2. Have more fun. There’s simply more to do with our heated pool, sundeck, playground and marina on the lake — all of which come with your community vacation home. And every summer brings the Annual Block Party with fun and food and activities throughout the community, pool area, and even out on the lake!
  3. Less maintenance. A pool is fun, but also a lot of work. You have the fun, we’ll do the work. We’ll also make sure the streets are plowed, the common area landscaping is looking good, the playground is taken care of and the garbage gets picked up. With our private community septic system you also don’t have a septic field in your yard so you don’t have to deal with any of those issues.